Talk business - Applied business communication

Talk Business is an English for Special Purposes (ESP) Course. Entry level is for B1 (Common European Framework) learners who will develop their language skills in the most common areas of applied business communication. A full coverage of grammar and essential business terminology is provided. A special focus is on the application of new language knowledge in speaking activities that include discussions, giving opinions and realistic in-company role-plays. Reading and writing skills are practised with reference to authentic business case studies.


Terence Brett studied Economics and Industrial Sociology at Oxford University and followed up his studies at York University in England. He has taught Business English for more than 20 years.

He has held ESP English Courses at Venice University and he is currently teaching Business English Communication for the IUSVE University of Mestre-Venice.


Raffaella Ferraro studied Modern Languages at the University of Genova. She has a broad experience in Business English both in the roles of teacher and teacher trainer. She is presently the Professional English Course Director of the Royal Cambridge School in Treviso, Italy.

Dettagli del libro

Unit 1. Marketing and Advertising

1.1 Defining Marketing and its Channels

1.2 Advertising: the Power of Words, Images and Music

1.3 Advertising and New Technologies

Unit 2. Telephoning

2.1 Speaking on the Phone

2.2 Mobile Phones

2.3 Skype

2.4 On the Phone

Unit 3. Email Communications

3.1 Comparing Forms of Communication

3.2 Useful Structures

3.3 Work Place Emails

Unit 4. Production

4.1 Company Work

4.2 Making Comparisons

4.3 Service Industries

Unit 5. Negotiations

5.1 What makes good Negotiations

5.2 Steps in Negotiations

5.3 A case study

Unit 6. Effective Presentations

6.1 A Company Profile

6.2 Presenting in meetings

6.3 Describing Changes and Trends

Keys to exercises

Appendix I. Functional English

Appendix II. Grammar summary

Appendix III. Social English

Appendix IV. Prefixes and suffixes

Tipo prodotto: Libro universitario / professionale

Titolo: Talk business

Autori: Terence Brett, Raffaella Ferraro


Collana: Comunicazione, marketing e new media

Data di Pubblicazione: 2012

ISBN: 886292268X

ISBN-13: 9788862922685

Pagine: 208

Formato: brossura

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